Dom Perignon 1992 P3 Plenitude Brut

Dom Perignon 1992 P3 Plenitude Brut

Region: Champagne, France



Dom Pérignon 1992 P3 Plenitude offers an extraordinary sensory journey. On the nose, it opens with initial hints of subtle licorice notes and fresh almonds that gracefully yield to the allure of ripe mango and dried figs, all elegantly complemented by delicate torrefied notes. The palate is a precise revelation of taste, characterized by a coherent structure. The initial richness gracefully transforms into an ethereal and delicate essence. With silky tenderness, it glides across the palate, leaving behind a sustained high note with hints of pepper and confit grapefruit. In the glass, it exhibits a deep and inviting color that beckons one to explore its depths. This vintage reflects a unique harvest history, with three years of spring frosts followed by a hot summer punctuated by isolated hailstorms. The harvest commenced early, on September 14th, resulting in wines that bear the signature of balance and distinction. Dom Pérignon 1992 P3 Plenitude embodies a moment in time, capturing the essence of its exceptional vintage.