d'Yquem 2009

d'Yquem 2009

Region: Sauternes, France

Blend:  Sémillon, Sauvignon



d'Yquem 2009, born from a vintage graced by nature's perfection, is nothing short of a masterpiece. Its appearance in the glass is a resplendent golden hue, capturing the essence of its exceptional birth year. The nose is an enchanting symphony of aromas, where the rich scent of honeyed apricots and tropical fruits harmoniously intertwines with delicate floral accents. This aromatic profile is a prelude to an extraordinary tasting experience. On the palate, the wine reveals its true magnificence, offering a lush and velvety texture that caresses the senses. The taste is an opulent balance of honeyed sweetness, meticulously counterpoised by a vibrant acidity that imparts both freshness and structure. As the journey unfolds, the finish is a profound testament to its elegance, leaving behind a lasting impression of unparalleled grace and opulence. d'Yquem 2009 is a wine that encapsulates the very essence of Sauternes, a masterpiece that reflects the pinnacle of both nature's blessings and the artistry of its winemakers.

Robert Parker - 100 Points

"Pale to medium gold colored, the 2009 d'Yquem bursts from the glass with gregarious crème caramel, allspice, dried apricots, mandarin peel and pineapple upside down cake scents plus a fragrant undercurrent of fungi, acacia honey, candied ginger, musk perfume and frangipani. Full-bodied and full-on hedonic in the mouth, the rich, tightly wound layers are still amazingly youthful with bags of citrus sparks and an incredibly long, perfumed finish. Possessing a residual sugar of 157 grams per liter and 13.6% alcohol as well as a laser-focused line of freshness, the rock-solid structure and through-the-roof opulence here is simply mind blowing. Pure perfection."

Antonio Galloni - 97 Points

"The 2009 Yquem is a vintage that I have awarded perfect scores to in the past however, neither bottles merit that on this occasion. The first bottle feels scalped, so much so that a second bottle is checked. This has a very refined and sophisticated bouquet with wild honey, brioche, vanilla pod and light orange blossom aromas, beautifully refined. The palate is very well defined with fine acidity, very elegant in style with pure botrytised fruit and superb acidity on the finish. Ah...that is more like it. However, on this occasion it does not quite hit the high notes. Tasted blind at Farr Vintners’ 2009 Bordeaux tasting."