d'Yquem 2018

d'Yquem 2018

Region: Sauternes, France

Blend:  Sémillon, Sauvignon



d'Yquem 2018, a wine of exceptional character, boasts a captivating golden hue that hints at the opulence held within its depths. The nose is an intricate mosaic of aromas, where the enchanting scent of honeyed apricots and exotic fruits elegantly dances alongside delicate floral notes. This aromatic ensemble creates a sensory masterpiece, inviting anticipation for the tasting experience. On the palate, the wine unveils its true magnificence, offering a lush and velvety texture that envelops the senses. The taste is a harmonious balance of opulent honeyed sweetness, seamlessly complemented by a vibrant acidity that imparts both freshness and structure. As the journey unfolds, the finish is a testament to its enduring elegance, leaving behind a lasting impression of unmatched finesse and opulence. d'Yquem 2018 is a wine that transcends expectations, an embodiment of the timeless allure of Sauternes and the artistry of Château d'Yquem.

Robert Parker - 98 Points

"The 2018 d'Yquem is all lime cordial, grapefruit oil and mandarin peel to begin. With a little coaxing, the fireworks really begin, letting off a whole array of honeysuckle, candied ginger, dried pineapple, lemon pastilles, chalk dust and sea spray scents, followed by a savory undercurrent of shaved almonds, allspice and baking bread. The palate is an exercise in polish and poise, featuring the most gorgeously creamy texture and bright, sparkling freshness, framing all the densely laden tropical and citrus fruit layers, finishing with a powerful BANG of profound floral and spice perfume. It is wonderfully sweet, yes, but that—paradoxically for a "sweet wine"—is almost beside the point."

Antonio Galloni - 93 Points

"The 2018 Yquem was tasted just a few months earlier before this second reading at the château. My notes are pretty consistent with that dried honey and saffron scented aromas, perhaps just missing the energy conveyed by the previous vintage. The palate is well balanced with that telltale lusciousness that I remarked upon in my last note, although this just precludes the 2018 from delivering the tension and nerve of the best vintages. Apricot and lemon curd linger on the aftertaste. Very fine."