Faiveley 2016 Meursault

Faiveley 2016 Meursault

Region: Burgundy, France

Blend: 100% Chardonnay



Faiveley's 2016 Meursault reveals a captivating blend of ripe aromas and flavors that showcase the distinct characteristics of the region. The wine opens with enticing notes of yellow plum and apricot, creating a sensory journey through orchard fruits. There's a subtle menthol undertone that adds complexity, providing a unique aromatic profile. On the palate, the wine displays a fine balance between ripeness and structure, with a touch of dryness and firm-edged texture. The front half of the experience is particularly noteworthy, with the ripe fruit flavors taking center stage. The finish, marked by a medicinal menthol quality, adds an intriguing layer to the overall tasting experience. It's worth noting that a high-pH parcel contributes to the blend, subtly acidified to enhance the wine's balance. This Meursault from Faiveley reflects both the richness of the fruit and the meticulous craftsmanship applied in its production.