Graham's 1985 Vintage Port 375ml

Graham's 1985 Vintage Port 375ml

Region: Portugal

Blend: Port Blend Red



The Graham's 1985 Vintage Port epitomizes the pinnacle of quality and elegance in the world of fortified wines. In the glass, it displays a mesmerizing deep ruby color, hinting at the richness and depth within. As the aromas waft from the glass, they captivate the senses with their intensity and complexity. Ripe blackberries, cassis, and plums mingle with notes of dried figs, dark chocolate, and exotic spices, creating a symphony of aromatics that is both alluring and captivating. On the palate, the wine reveals its true character with a velvety texture and a luxurious mouthfeel. Layers of dark fruit flavors unfold seamlessly, accompanied by hints of licorice, roasted coffee beans, and a touch of smokiness. The wine's impeccable balance of sweetness and acidity ensures a long and lingering finish, leaving a lasting impression that lingers on the palate. With its superb structure and opulent fruit, the Graham's 1985 Vintage Port is a testament to the timeless craftsmanship and dedication of the winemaking tradition.

Robert Parker - 96 Points

"Graham is another great port house, producing one of the deepest-colored and sweetest styles of vintage port. Along with Taylor and Fonseca, Graham has probably been the most consistent producer of great port in the post- World War II era. Their tawnys are quite good rather than exceptional, but their vintage ports are truly sublime and sumptuous. Graham is the undisputed star and kingpin of the 1985 vintage ports. Yes, it is made in a sweeter style than the other ports, but it is a fabulous wine because of a dazzling level of black-cherry fruit, an enormous structure, and staggering depth, dimension, and length. It is forward, as are all 1985s, and I would speculate that this port will be approaching maturity by 1992-93 and will keep 15-20 years thereafter."