Kongsgaard 2021 Rose

Kongsgaard 2021 Rose

Region: Napa Valley, California



Kongsgaard 2021 Rosé is a wine of elegance and finesse, exhibiting a delicate coral pink hue that is as inviting as it is visually captivating. The nose is a symphony of fresh and vibrant aromas, where notes of ripe red berries, fragrant rose petals, and hints of citrus gracefully intertwine. Upon the palate, this Rosé unveils a beautifully balanced character, offering a harmonious fusion of red fruit flavors, including strawberries and raspberries, complemented by a subtle touch of minerality. The wine's refreshing acidity and a gentle whisper of floral undertones make for a lively and invigorating taste experience. As the journey concludes, the finishing taste lingers with a sense of purity and sophistication, inviting further appreciation of Kongsgaard's dedication to crafting wines that exude grace and charm.