Masseto 2013

Masseto 2013

Region: Tuscany, Italy

Blend: 100% Merlot



The Masseto 2013 captivates the eye with its distinguished color, a reflection of its pedigree and allure.The wine reveals a harmonious interplay between the firm textural richness that characterizes the 2013 vintage and the sharpness of its aromas. With an additional 12 months of aging this expression has been refined and deepened, resulting in a more constant and pronounced wine.The wine's focus remains resolute, yet it has also embraced a velvety definition, particularly evident in its luxurious mouthfeel. The wine proudly bears its lineage, but its most significant attribute lies in the balance and integration it offers, promising a future of enduring aging potential. The Masseto 2013 stands shoulder to shoulder with the impeccable 2006 and 2010 vintages, embodying a promise of longevity and evolution that harks back to the estate's finest expressions.

Robert Parker - 97 Points

"The 2013 Masseto paints a glorious picture of Tuscany. It captures an inspired moment in time and walks an impressive tightrope between power and elegance. In my preview tasting last year, I noticed the firm textural richness of the 2013 vintage and the crystalline sharpness of its aromas. Thanks to 12 additional months of bottle aging, that impression is evermore constant and concrete. The focus is there, yet the wine has also fleshed out and put on more velvety definition especially in terms of mouthfeel. It wears its pedigree with pride, but most importantly it offers the balance and integration to promise a long and healthy aging future. The 2013 vintage follows closely on the heels of the impeccable 2006 and 2010 vintages in terms of cellaring potential. This is definitely a bottle that should interest collectors."

Antonio Galloni - 97 Points

"The 2013 Masseto is a wine of real vibrancy, clarity and precision. In some moments, the 2013 shows a bit of its voluptuous fruit, but it is rich, structured and clearly in need of time. Like all Massetos from cooler years, the 2013 is a long-distance runner. Give it time. A warm, dry summer helped the vineyards catch up after a late and irregular flowering. Cool nighttime temperatures provided the diurnal shifts at the end of the season that are so critical for the development of aromatics."