Sea Smoke 2020 Pinot Noir Ten

Sea Smoke 2020 Pinot Noir Ten

Region: St. Rita Hills, Santa Barbara County

Blend: 100% Pinot Noir



The Sea Smoke 2020 Pinot Noir Ten graces the glass with an alluring and deep color that sets the stage for a captivating experience. As you approach the wine, aromas of black tea, ripe blackberry, and a subtle hint of orange rind gently emerge, drawing you in with their intrigue. Delving deeper, a medley of savory spices dances on the nose, accompanied by a delicate trace of jasmine that adds a touch of elegance. On the palate, the wine showcases its mature and firm tannins, creating a sturdy yet welcoming structure that speaks to its age ability. The flavors unfold in a harmonious procession, revealing layers of complexity that playfully interact. The Sea Smoke 2020 Pinot Noir Ten has a smooth, velvety finish and is a wine that embodies both depth and potential, inviting enthusiasts to embrace its intricacies and embark on a memorable tasting experience.