Tesseron Lot No. 90 X.O. Ovation Cognac

Tesseron Lot No. 90 X.O. Ovation Cognac

Region: Cognac, France

Style: Cognac

Aged: More than ten years in Limousin oak casks



Tesseron Lot No. 90 X.O. Ovation Cognac is a masterpiece born from the finest terroirs in Cognac, including Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, and Fins Bois. Its enchanting amber color entices the eye, promising a sensorial journey of distinction. The nose unveils a captivating blend of aromas, where the vitality of the eaux-de-vies shines through with notes of fresh fruit and floral hints, gracefully mingling with the complexity of aged Cognac. Upon the palate, this remarkable Cognac dances with vigour and sophistication, revealing layers of flavors that range from luscious fruit to subtle spices. The finish is nothing short of extraordinary, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and finesse, a testament to the artistry of Cognac craftsmanship. Tesseron Lot No. 90 X.O. Ovation Cognac is an ode to the vivacity and complexity that great Cognac can offer, a true delight for those seeking the pinnacle of Cognac excellence.


  • Color: Attractive golden.
  • Aroma: Very fresh pear & quince notes on attack, give way to herbaceous elements, dried fruits and nuts, fresh, with intriguing hints of almond.
  • Taste: Firm, focused, powerful, reflecting the aromatics presented by the nose–typical, young, quality cognac.