Tesseron X.O. Miniature Collection Cognac

Tesseron X.O. Miniature Collection Cognac

Region: Cognac, France

Style: Cognac

Lots: N°90 X.O. Ovation, N°76 X.O. Tradition, N°53 X.O. Perfection, & N°29 X.O. Exception



The TESSERON X.O. MINIATURE COLLECTION COGNAC offers a captivating journey through time, encapsulating the legacy of Maison Abel Tesseron's finest creations. Comprising four historical cognacs, each distinguished by their 'Lot' numbers, this collection represents the roots of Tesseron's artistry in a miniature form. As one explores this unique ensemble, they embark on a sensory voyage that spans generations, unveiling the essence of Tesseron's dedication to crafting old and mature blends. With each miniature, the palate is treated to a symphony of flavors that reflect the distinct qualities of these time-honored creations. This collection stands as a testament to the Maison's commitment to excellence and offers a rare opportunity to savor the evolution of Tesseron's cognac craftsmanship over the years.