The Durand Corkscrew

The Durand Corkscrew

The Durand: Vintage Cork Remover



Introducing The Durand, a revolutionary corkscrew engineered to gracefully tackle the challenge of delicate and aging corks with precision and finesse. Crafted as a result of wine enthusiast Mark Taylor's personal struggle with stubborn corks, The Durand is a fully patented, two-part device that ensures the seamless extraction of older and fragile corks, leaving them whole and intact.

The Durand embodies a passion for preserving the integrity of fine wines. Named in honor of the esteemed sommelier Yves Durand, The Durand pays homage to his expertise in the world of wine.

Gone are the days of shattered corks, fragments floating in your prized bottle, or corks stubbornly lodged within the neck. The Durand guarantees a smooth extraction, leaving the cork intact and your wine pristine. Its proven track record has earned accolades from wine lovers, collectors, and distinguished sommeliers alike, both nationally and internationally.

Discover the ease of use with The Durand, as instructions are conveniently printed on the inside of its reusable wrapper, enclosed within the elegant cork presentation box. Embrace the art of wine opening with confidence and precision, courtesy of The Durand.