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About The Wine Merchant Beverly Hills

Dennis Overstreet, proprietor of the Wine Merchant Beverly Hills accepted his “Five Star – The Best Retailer” in the United States Award for 2006. Overstreet is well known for his strong relationships with Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles residents, as well as his strong affiliations with international clientele and steadfast ties with wine industry moguls throughout Europe and America.

In the mid 70’s Overstreet pioneered the concept of public refrigerated wine storage. His 20,000 square foot facility in West Los Angeles, The Wine Cellar, is the flagship for the wine storage business.

Dennis Overstreet is best known for his infectious enthusiasm for wine. His magnanimous personality draws fellow wine lovers into his Beverly Hills location; and they are hooked – by the selection, the knowledge he and his staff provide and the genuine service The Wine Merchant has bestowed on customers and friends since 1969.

As Beverly Hills premier fine wine retailer, The Wine Merchant offers an extensive selection of fine, vintage, and luxury wines in our regal Beverly Hills location.

The Wine Merchant is the destination you won’t want to miss.