Dom Perignon 1993 P3 Plenitude Brut

Dom Perignon 1993 P3 Plenitude Brut

Region: Champagne, France



Dom Pérignon 1993 P3 Plénitude is a true masterpiece in every sense. As it graces the glass, its color captivates with a beguiling golden hue. Upon the initial approach, the nose encounters hints of dried herbs, which gracefully give way to a symphony of confit grapefruit and delicate cinnamon notes. These aromatic layers are further enriched by the subtle presence of shortbread biscuits and an ensemble of dried fruits. On the palate, this champagne is a journey of unfolding sensations, each progressing with a rhythmic precision that culminates in voluptuousness. What begins as a dense presence transforms into a creamy fullness, with finesse that lingers before ascending on a sappy, elevating note. The 1993 harvest, which birthed this remarkable vintage, was marked by its precocity. Early budding and a warm, stormy spring led to rapid and complete blooming, occurring right from the first half of June. Despite average temperatures, the summer stood out for its generous sunshine and an extended dry spell, which graced the vineyards until the beginning of the harvest on September. This exceptional champagne encapsulates the very essence of its time and terroir, inviting you to savor its nuanced depths and unparalleled sophistication.