Hardy Noces de Diamante 60 Year Old Cognac

Hardy Noces de Diamante 60 Year Old Cognac

Region: Grande Champagne, Cognac

Style: Cognac

Aged: 60 Years



Hardy Noces de Diamant 60 Year Old Cognac is an exquisite masterpiece crafted from a blend of eaux-de-vie from the prestigious Grande Champagne district, which has been meticulously aged in Limousin oak for over six decades. This remarkable cognac presents a deep copper hue that beckons with richness. On the nose, it enchants with ripe, spicy notes of bitter orange, intertwined with fragrances of cinnamon and prune. Its aromatic complexity is an homage to the art of the Cellar Master. As it caresses the palate, this elixir reveals a silky texture and unfolds a symphony of elegant and spiced flavors. The palate is treated to a prolonged and incomparable finish that will captivate even the most discerning connoisseurs. Decanted in exquisite French crystal, Hardy Noces de Diamant is a testament to the timeless excellence of the Grande Champagne terroir and the dedication of its creators.


  • Color: Deep crimson and amber.
  • Aroma: Ripe, spicy notes of bitter orange, cinnamon, and prune
  • Taste: Silky texture, elegant and spiced flavors, and a hint of ginger.
  • Finish: Incomparably long and captivating.