Beluga Vodka Gold Line - 750ml

Beluga Vodka Gold Line - 750ml

Region: Montenegro



Beluga Gold Line is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The spirit is distilled three times using the finest malt and pure artesian water. What sets Beluga Gold Line apart is its unique maturation process. After distillation, the vodka is rested for 90 days, allowing the flavors to harmonize and develop. It is then filtered through quartz sand and silver, achieving unparalleled purity and smoothness. Each bottle is a work of art, hand-decorated with a wax seal, and adorned with a leather cord. Beluga Gold Line offers a taste of luxury and refinement, inviting you to savor the culmination of craftsmanship and time-honored traditions with every sip.


  • Body: Smooth and creamy texture that coats the palate, creating a rich and indulgent mouthfeel.
  • Aroma: Herbal nuances mingle with a faint malt sweetness and citrus undertones.
  • Taste: Gentle sweetness that is often compared to malt or honey with subtle citrus notes.